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Echocord Colour 028 + Marcell Dettmann Remix

Physical Release Date // July 7, 2014
Digital Release Date // June 16, 2014
Format // Coloured 12”















“We welcome a new artist on Echocord Colour, the super talented Roberto Clementi from Italy. Roberto is one of the most inventive and creative electronic music artists currently making his name known in the underground scene at the moment. Roberto is mostly known for his releases on Soma, eps + recently he released his first album. He has also been releasing on Brendon Moeller’s label Steadfast Records. The track Bonton is a super powerfull Techno track full of deepness, heavy staps and dubby elements. Concolor is a heavy Dub-Techno trip also perfectly for the peaktime hour. This ep also comes with a heavy monster Marcel Dettmann Remix.”

Vinyl Available here:

Juno Records UK http://bit.ly/junoclm
Clone NL http://bit.ly/cloneclm
Hhv DE http://bit.ly/hhvdeclm
Decks DE http://bit.ly/decksclm
Deejay DE http://bit.ly/deejayclm
Vinyl 24 DE http://bit.ly/vinylshop24clm
Hardwax DE http://bit.ly/hardwaxclm
Kompakt DE http://bit.ly/Kompaktclm
Boomkat http://bit.ly/boomkatclm
Bleep http://bit.ly/bleepclm
Amazoon http://bit.ly/Amazoonclm
Ccmusic http://bit.ly/cosmicclm
Boomerang shop http://bit.ly/boomerangshopclm
Roughtade http://bit.ly/roughtradeclm
Halcyontheshop http://bit.ly/Halcyonclm
Recordsale http://bit.ly/recordsaleclm
Wowhd http://bit.ly/wowhdclm
Forced exposure http://bit.ly/forceeposureclm
Ebay: http://bit.ly/ebayclm



Out now my album N lights (SOMA Records)

Format: CD Album, MP3, FLAC

IMG_5975Release date 26th May 2014

Presale: http://www.somarecords.com/shop/music/soma_cd106/

Preview here: Roberto Clementi N lights Album 



Fifth release on SOMA records Roberto Clementi – Marble EP

Release date: 01 April 2014

Dj Reactions:  Luke Slater – Marble here.thanks

Alan Fitzpatrik – Charted on Beatport! http://btprt.dj/1t8yVJF

Josh Wink – Another great techno release on Soma!

Pan-Pot – Amazing release!

Tommy Four Seven – Marble!

Speedy J – Thanks, will test.

DJ Deep – Marble and BYP are my favorite here

Dominik Eulberg – Awesome! I allready loved “Lei”. Really talented producer! <3

Etapp Kyle – BYP is a bomb! Will play for sure! Thanks

Heiko Laux – Great release. BYP is for me!

Martin Eyerer – strong tech stuff here! Thx

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks

Ilario Alicante – byp my favourite!

Mauro Picotto – Charted and played on DJ mag podcast

Sascha Carassi – Will play Marble,tnx!

Xpansul –  Another great release by Roberto Clementi! Loving all tracks. Kermesse is outstanding. Will play these three for sure!

Karotte – marble is a great one. like it.

Manic Brothers –  Awesome release ! Marble is my fav but will play BYP as well =) Thank youu

Mihalis Safras – proper smooth techno vibes again from soma

Petrichor –  Nice tracks here, I like Kermesse the best. Thanks!

Heron – Nice!

Tom Hades – Marble is a beauty ! :) thx !!

Chris Stanford (EarToGround) – Marble is really good! Will test!

Wehbba – BYP is hot!

Frankyeffe – Wow!! Nice Release!! My fav is Byp!

Justin Berkovi –  Love the percussion on Marble, great! Byp a real shuffling monster, very atmospheric. Kermesse moves into another vibe, really nice varied EP.

Project AKC – Solid stuff, thanks!

Darren Emerson – Feeling Marble..Will support. thanks

Sleepy & Boo – Nice EP of classic analog style techno. Marble is the pick.

Marco Carola – Downloading!

Charles Fenckler –  Marble = Massive !



Fourth release on SOMA records Roberto Clementi – When You EP (inc Par Grindvik remix)

Format: 12″ – Mp3 – Wav

Release date: 27 gen 2014



Dj Reactions:  Laurent Garnier – yes yesss yessssssssssssss

Ben Klock – When You – nice original and off course Par. Will play both.

Truncate/Audio Injection – Really nice! Will play thanks!

Heiko Laux – Great release. When You & Lei is right for me

Dominik Eulberg – Awesome! I allready loved “Lei”. Really talented producer!

Tim Xavier – I really like “when you”…good stuff!

Paco Osuna – when you is nice original and rmx par :)

Karotte –  when you is great. love it. lei is also nice one.

Wehbba – really like both originals, but when you is my favorite

Martin Eyerer – when you is great!

Joel Mull – Mr.Grindvik Has a fire that burns melting Hot!!! In the mix Techno Track just the way we dig it. When you original is also cool.

Ben Sims – grindvik remix is great, big thx!

Maya Jane Coles – Par grindvik remix is killer :)

Jonas Kopp – killer remix by Par ! thanks.

Alan Fitzpatrick – slamming grindvik mix!

Sascha Carassi – Par Grindvik Remix is cool!

Darko Esser (Tripeo) – Good stuff! Par’s remix will suit my sets best, thnx!

Tommy Four Seven – Grindvik!!!

The Advent – Pars remix will play thanks..

Pig & Dan –  Ufff nice release in general hard to pick the killer out because they are all stonking refined blasters

Kyle Geiger – Really love Lei and Pär’s remix is really strong as well :)  Thanks!

Heron – Absolutely incredible EP! All 3 tracks are off the hook – can’t pick a fav.

Charles Fenckler (Soma) – the 3 tracks are massive !

Ken Ishii – Par Grindvik Remix. Reminds me of the time of Mills/Hood.

The Welderz – Grindvik Remix is AWESOME ! Great techno

Just Berkovi – When You – fantastic!

PROJECT AKC – When You – both mixes are fantastic.

Carlo Lio – par rmx is dope. support

Thomas Schumacher – Strong release, Par’s remix is my fave. Thanks.

Tom Hades –  Big remix from Par ! Nice job !! :)

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks

Dave Seaman – Lei is wicked

Plural – Dope release but that When You (Par Grindvik Remix) Is really dope!

Hermanez – lei is my fav, tnx

Marco Carola – Downloading

Umek – Downloading   20/08/2013 My track released on Soma “When Love Clashes” selected by Maya Jane Coles for Mixmag Cover Mix CD Compilation.


Maya Jane Coles talks you through her cover CD:

12. Roberto Clementi ‘When Love Clashes’ “The beautiful but dark breakdown in the middle really makes this track.”





Third release on SOMA records

Roberto Clementi – Promise EP (inc Moerbeck remix)

Dj Reactions:  Maya Jane Coles – Selected for mixmag CD compilation september 2013 Mark Broom – first track of the new podcast

Adam Beyer – wow, lovely produced record. bumpin

Joseph Capriati – very nice release. will support!

Audio Injection/Truncate – Good tracks!!

Jonas Kopp – quality , thanks!

DJ Deep – Nice release

Karotte – when love crashes is cool. like it.

Monika Kruse – interesting release.. soma never disappoints.. I like the variety of that release.. berghain style but also deep…

Dj Hyperactive – When Love Clashes gonna get some play!!! Solid guys, real solid.

Heiko Laux – nice one Roberto, i love it!

Billy Nasty – Great EP love the Morbeck Remix

Valentino Kanzyani – Promise original mix is the one for me here

Rich Jones – All 3 of these will get used…great deep vibes from Mr. Clementi on the originals, and the remix will come in handy when things are a bit tuffer! Thanks

Oliver Klein – Morbeck mix for me. THXX

Pig & Dan – great tunes as always from SOMA

Kyle Geiger – Digging when love clashes and the morbeck remix of promise! Thanks!

Tom Hades – Promise is the kind of electronic tracks i really love ! very nice job !!

Hermanez – when love clashes is very nice, will play !

Wehhba – really like all 3 tracks, great sounds

Nadja Lind/Klartraum – awesome Roberto! Great deepness with powerful, dirty tech beats! Morbeck rmx is also such a great dub vibe. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Miniminds – When Love Clashes is top drawer!! Full support!

Angel Alanis – When Love Clashes is good for me. Thank you!

Wally Lopez – when loves clashes.. is nice

Satoshi Fumi – both original for me.beautiful trax!

Kazuumi Ishii – I love the vibe on Promise. Lovely stuff.

Anton Banks – I like ‘When Love Clashes’

Nuno Clam – When Love Clashes and Promise (Morbeck Remix) for me. Thx

Filterheadz – Cool! Thanx!

Sven Väth – Downloading

Luciano – Downloading

Steve Lawler – Downloading

Marco Carola – Downlading

Umek – Downloading



Release on SOMA records, One of the world’s leading electronic dance labels, and one of the longest running.

Roberto Clementi – Viper EP (digital + TBA)

Dj Reactions: 

Truncate/Audio Injection – nice tracks, viper is my fav thanks!

Markus Suckut – Overrule for me here!

Jonas Kopp – cool grooves tracks here.. thanks

Alan Fitzpatrick – phat grooves!

DVS1 – Viper and overrule for me! Thanks!

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks

Ben Sims – timeless tough dub flavoured tech, very good!, thx

Orde (Slam) – nice trax – will try out this weekend – thanx

The Advent – nice ep.. like most so will test all.. thx

Danny Tenaglia – thanks!!!

Sascha Carassi – i like Viper.Tnx

Pig & Dan – beautifull Dub music

Karotte – viper is the one for me. cheers

Oliver Deutschmann – great, Viper is my have.

Gregor Thresher – I like Viper & Overrule, great n classic sounding tracks, will play!

Martin Landsky – Viper all the was for me here…great one….

Sian – sweet!!

Wally Lopez – Nice analogic techno..viper is nice.

Mihalis Safras – big one from Soma!!

Let’s Go Outside – Loving the chord action. Overrule for me.

Hermanez – nice release, viper and overrule are my fav, tnx !

Tom Hades – Liking Viper a lot ! Thanks for this one !

Anton Banks – Nice work! I’ll use a couple of these.

Aldrin Quek – Feelin’ the Dub Techno grooves!

Whebba – great ambience, retro chords is really good

Dubfire – downloading!

Paco Osuna – Downloading!

Steve Lawler – Downloading!

John Digweed – Downloading!

Umek – Downloading!



Release on SOMA records, One of the world’s leading electronic dance labels, and one of the longest running.

Roberto Clementi – Feelings Of Empathy EP (digital + vinyl soon)

Buy now on Beatport Roberto Clementi – Feelinkg of Empathy EP


1. feelings of empathy

2. out of prism

3. motion a

4. purple flight

Listen on decks 

DJs reactions…

Laurent Garnier – sounds brilliant to me — will play of course

Norman Nodge – Nice tracks, “Motion A” is my favourite track so far.

DVS1 – Really feeling track 1 and 2….Nice one!! Thanks..

Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) – Nice one. Motion A has a cool mood…

Pär Grindvik – liking the whole release.. thanks

Stephan Bodzin – wow. huge release. dark & warm.out of prism my fav so far. full support!

Fabrizio Maurizi – awesome

Matt Star – Wow great release, almost all tracks are very well produced. My favourite is Motion A

Hernan Cattaneo – feelings of emphaty is amazing! motion really good too

Sascha Krohn – cool & deep! full support

Troy Pierce – nice e.p. I really like feelings of empathy and the motion a track.

Jon Gurd – one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while, My favs are Out Of Prism & Motion A, will definitely play these this weekend.

Charles Siegling (Technasia) – out of prism and motion a are for me. thx

Ambivalent – Really nice stuff, I like Out of Prism the most.

Harvey McKay – all really nice Whebba – feelings of empathy is really nice, will def. play this out!

Heiko Laux – oooh, Out Of Prism is the one for me;)

Edwin Oosterwal – Motion A is the one for me! Thanks!

Sian – splendid productions.

Joseph Capriati – nice one! Support from me.

Thomas Benedix (Pan Pot) – Out Of Prism! Killer

Igor Tchkotoua (pig&dan) – Quality release, lovely dub infused tracks

Orde (Slam) – nice dubbage

Gary Beck – really nice tracks, doubt ill play them out but good shit all the same.

Martin Eyerer – very nice and cool release. My fave is feelings of empathy. Will use for my radioshow!

Coyu – Very very very good old school techno. I like all the tunes. Will test it tomorrow in Berlin.

Onionz – Out Of Prism!!! BEAST!

Martin Collins – 4 Quality tracks!

Hermanez – very good release, thanks!

Jacuzzi Boys – Feelings of Empathy for us. Thx

Motorcitysoul – emotional techno tracks, brilliant stuff!

James Talk – Loving this deep!

Dubfire – download!

John Digweed – download!

Mauro Picotto – download! (RA may 2012 chart)

Mihalis Safras – download!


February 2012: release on Steadfast records, the label owned and run by NY based producer/ DJ Brendon Moeller

Stage 1 EP – (3 tracks + Brendon Moeller remix)


Dj Reactions: 

Pär Grindvik – “Neat release form Roberto! Stage 1 is my the pick. Thanks.”

Nick Warren – “Strong release from Robert with a great remix by Brendon. Playing!”

DVS1 – “Stage 1 immediately stands out for me on this package! Thanks.”

Guy J – “Brendon’s remix is the winner here, always great stuff from him! I am a fan! Good luck with the release.”

Orde – (Slam) – “Cool techy grooves on Stage 1 – playing it! Thanx.”

Rolando – “The Brendon Moeller reshape is kool!!! Gonna try it out.”

Dustin Zahn – “Both versions of Stage 1 are sounding pretty nice to me. I will see what I can do with them.”

Vince Watson – “Thresholding definitely my fav on the release…. Nice track! Will test it out!!”

Mauro Picotto – “Stage 1 is a really charismatic track, very nice mixes too, all off them!”

Norman Nodge – “Solid techno all round here. Will play Roberto’s original and Brendon’s remix

Karotte – “Stage 1 is just GREAT!! ”

Paul Brtschitsch – “Yeah nice & groovy deep stuff… perfect for building up the set, Original and Brendon´s remix will be supported by me! thank you guys!!”

Danny Howells – “Killer originals from Roberto!! And Brendon delivers.. as always!”

Alexander Kowalski – “Stage 1 is the big one on this package. Will try it out!”

Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Cool ep, but Brendon’s Reshape really takes it up a notch…. fullest support of course!”

Arnaud Rebotini – (Blackstrobe) – “Realllllly good release from Roberto! Victory!”

Richie Hawtin – Downloaded!

Samuel L Session – “A very good 12″ this. Been listening to promos the whole day- this is def one of the best ones! Victory the pick!”

Ambivalent – “I really like the Brendon Moeller remix! Gonna play it for sure. I also really like Stage 1. Great release.”

Darko Esser – “FAN-TAS-TIC release!!! Some dub, some acid, great atmospheres all tracks are top notch! Can’t wait to play these out  Thnx!!!”

Desyn Masiello – (SOS) – “Victory and Stage 1 jump out here… subtle and interesting at the same time.. thank you Roberto + Steadfast.”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Brendon Moeller dub is a grower for me. Gonna live with it..”

ùMakossa – (Radio FM4 Vienna) – “Solid stuff here. Will spin Stage1.”

Pablo D – (klubbers.com) – “Stage1 for the radio show. Nice and racey techno. Love it!”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Intelligently crafted release with an underlying dancefloor sensitivity – especially feelin’ the deep, vibrant flow of Thresholding!”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “All nice tunes but liking Thresholding!!!” De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”

Eduard – (Deejay.es) – “Victory is my favourite here! Nice vibes Thanks so much.”

Raphael – (Partysan / Stuttgart) – “Nice one! Will be trying Stage1.”

Soundwall.it – “Victory is really nice!!”

Tsugi Magazine Germany – “Nice Brendon Moeller dub.”

Philip Sherburne – (Resident Advisor / Beatportal) – “Cool release — I think “Victory” is my fave. Great chords!”

David Y – (Magnetic Magazine) – “Interesting diversity on one 12. Good range of sounds.”

Only For DJ’s Magazine France – “Brendon Moeller reshape is nice!!”

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