Fifth release on SOMA records

Roberto Clementi – Marble EP

Release date: 01 April 2014

Dj Reactions: 

Luke Slater – Marble here.thanks

Alain Fitzpatrik – Charted on Beatport!

Josh Wink – Another great techno release on Soma!

Pan-Pot – Amazing release!

Tommy Four Seven – Marble!

Speedy J – Thanks, will test.

DJ Deep – Marble and BYP are my favorite here

Dominik Eulberg - Awesome! I allready loved “Lei”. Really talented producer! <3

Etapp Kyle – BYP is a bomb! Will play for sure! Thanks

Keiko Laux – Great release. BYP is for me!

Martin Eyerer – strong tech stuff here! Thx

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks

Ilario Alicante – byp my favourite!

Mauro Picotto - Charted and played on DJ mag podcast

Sascha Carassi – Will play Marble,tnx!

Xpansul -  Another great release by Roberto Clementi! Loving all tracks. Kermesse is outstanding. Will play these three for sure!

Karotte – marble is a great one. like it.

Manic Brothers -  Awesome release ! Marble is my fav but will play BYP as well =) Thank youu

Mihalis Safras – proper smooth techno vibes again from soma

Petrichor -  Nice tracks here, I like Kermesse the best. Thanks!

Heron – Nice!

Toma Hades – Marble is a beauty ! :) thx !!

Chris Stanford (EarToGround) – Marble is really good! Will test!

Wehbba – BYP is hot!

Frankyeffe – Wow!! Nice Release!! My fav is Byp!

Justin Berkovi -  Love the percussion on Marble, great! Byp a real shuffling monster, very atmospheric. Kermesse moves into another vibe, really nice varied EP.

Project AKC – Solid stuff, thanks!

Darren Emerson – Feeling Marble..Will support. thanks

Sleepy & Boo – Nice EP of classic analog style techno. Marble is the pick.

Marco Carola – Downloading!

Charles Fenckler -  Marble = Massive !



Fourth release on SOMA records

Roberto Clementi – When You EP (inc Par Grindvik remix)

Format: 12″ – Mp3 – Wav

Release date: 27 gen 2014



Dj Reactions: 

Laurent Garnier – yes yesss yessssssssssssss

Ben Klock – When You – nice original and off course Par. Will play both.

Truncate/Audio Injection - Really nice! Will play thanks!

Heiko Laux - Great release. When You & Lei is right for me

Dominik Eulberg – Awesome! I allready loved “Lei”. Really talented producer!

Tim Xavier - I really like “when you”…good stuff!

Paco Osuna - when you is nice original and rmx par :)

Karotte -  when you is great. love it. lei is also nice one.

Wehbba - really like both originals, but when you is my favorite

Martin Eyerer - when you is great!

Joel Mull - Mr.Grindvik Has a fire that burns melting Hot!!! In the mix Techno Track just the way we dig it. When you original is also cool.

Ben Sims – grindvik remix is great, big thx!

Maya Jane Coles – Par grindvik remix is killer :)

Jonas Kopp – killer remix by Par ! thanks.

Alan Fitzpatrick – slamming grindvik mix!

Sascha Carassi – Par Grindvik Remix is cool!

Darko Esser (Tripeo) – Good stuff! Par’s remix will suit my sets best, thnx!

Tommy Four Seven – Grindvik!!!

The Advent – Pars remix will play thanks..

Pig & Dan -  Ufff nice release in general hard to pick the killer out because they are all stonking refined blasters

Kyle Geiger – Really love Lei and Pär’s remix is really strong as well :)  Thanks!

Heron – Absolutely incredible EP! All 3 tracks are off the hook – can’t pick a fav.

Charles Fenckler (Soma) – the 3 tracks are massive !

Ken Ishii – Par Grindvik Remix. Reminds me of the time of Mills/Hood.

The Welderz – Grindvik Remix is AWESOME ! Great techno

Just Berkovi – When You – fantastic!

PROJECT AKC – When You – both mixes are fantastic.

Carlo Lio – par rmx is dope. support

Thomas Schumacher – Strong release, Par’s remix is my fave. Thanks.

Tom Hades -  Big remix from Par ! Nice job !! :)

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks

Dave Seaman – Lei is wicked

Plural – Dope release but that When You (Par Grindvik Remix) Is really dope!

Hermanez – lei is my fav, tnx

Marco Carola – Downloading

Umek – Downloading



My track released on Soma “When Love Clashes” selected by Maya Jane Coles for Mixmag Cover Mix CD Compilation.

Maya Jane Coles talks you through her cover CD:

12. Roberto Clementi

‘When Love Clashes’
“The beautiful but dark breakdown in the middle really makes this track.”



Third release on SOMA records

Roberto Clementi – Promise EP (inc Moerbeck remix)

Dj Reactions: 

Maya Jane Coles – Selected for mixmag CD compilation september 2013

Mark Broom – first track of the new podcast

Adam Beyer – wow, lovely produced record. bumpin

Joseph Capriati – very nice release. will support!

Audio Injection/Truncate - Good tracks!!

Jonas Kopp – quality , thanks!

DJ Deep – Nice release

Karotte – when love crashes is cool. like it.

Monika Kruse – interesting release.. soma never disappoints.. I like the variety of that release.. berghain style but also deep…
Dj Hyperactive - When Love Clashes gonna get some play!!! Solid guys, real solid.

Heiko Laux - nice one Roberto, i love it!

Billy Nasty - Great EP love the Morbeck Remix

Valentino Kanzyani - Promise original mix is the one for me here

Rich Jones – All 3 of these will get used…great deep vibes from Mr. Clementi on the originals, and the remix will come in handy when things are a bit tuffer! Thanks

Oliver Klein – Morbeck mix for me. THXX

Pig & Dan – great tunes as always from SOMA

Kyle Geiger – Digging when love clashes and the morbeck remix of promise! Thanks!

Tom Hades – Promise is the kind of electronic tracks i really love ! very nice job !!

Hermanez – when love clashes is very nice, will play !

Wehhba – really like all 3 tracks, great sounds

Nadja Lind/Klartraum – awesome Roberto! Great deepness with powerful, dirty tech beats! Morbeck rmx is also such a great dub vibe. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Miniminds – When Love Clashes is top drawer!! Full support!

Angel Alanis – When Love Clashes is good for me. Thank you!

Wally Lopez – when loves clashes.. is nice

Satoshi Fumi – both original for me.beautiful trax!

Kazuumi Ishii – I love the vibe on Promise. Lovely stuff.

Anton Banks – I like ‘When Love Clashes’

Nuno Clam – When Love Clashes and Promise (Morbeck Remix) for me. Thx

Filterheadz – Cool! Thanx!

Sven Väth – Downloading

Luciano – Downloading

Steve Lawler – Downloading

Marco Carola – Downlading

Umek – Downloading



Release on SOMA records, One of the world’s leading electronic dance labels, and one of the longest running.

Roberto Clementi – Viper EP (digital + TBA)

Dj Reactions: 

Truncate/Audio Injection – nice tracks, viper is my fav thanks!
Markus Suckut – Overrule for me here!
Jonas Kopp – cool grooves tracks here.. thanks
Alan Fitzpatrick – phat grooves!
DVS1 – Viper and overrule for me! Thanks!
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Ben Sims – timeless tough dub flavoured tech, very good!, thx
Orde (Slam) – nice trax – will try out this weekend – thanx
The Advent – nice ep.. like most so will test all.. thx
Danny Tenaglia – thanks!!!
Sascha Carassi – i like Viper.Tnx
Pig & Dan – beautifull Dub music
Karotte – viper is the one for me. cheers
Oliver Deutschmann – great, Viper is my have.
Gregor Thresher – I like Viper & Overrule, great n classic sounding tracks, will play!
Martin Landsky – Viper all the was for me here…great one….
Sian – sweet!!
Wally Lopez – Nice analogic techno..viper is nice..
Mihalis Safras – big one from Soma!!
Let’s Go Outside – Loving the chord action. Overrule for me.
Hermanez – nice release, viper and overrule are my fav, tnx !
Tom Hades – Liking Viper a lot ! Thanks for this one !
Anton Banks – Nice work! I’ll use a couple of these.
Aldrin Quek – Feelin’ the Dub Techno grooves!
Whebba – great ambience, retro chords is really good
Dubfire – downloading!
Paco Osuna – Downloading!
Steve Lawler – Downloading!
John Digweed – Downloading!
Umek – Downloading!



Release on SOMA records, One of the world’s leading electronic dance labels, and one of the longest running.

Roberto Clementi – Feelings Of Empathy EP (digital + vinyl soon)

Buy now on Beatport

Roberto Clementi – Feelinkg of Empathy EP



1. feelings of empathy
2. out of prism
3. motion a
4. purple flight

Listen on decks 

DJs reactions…

Laurent Garnier – sounds brilliant to me — will play of course
Norman Nodge – Nice tracks, “Motion A” is my favourite track so far.
DVS1 – Really feeling track 1 and 2….Nice one!! Thanks..
Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) – Nice one. Motion A has a cool mood…
Pär Grindvik – liking the whole release.. thanks
Stephan Bodzin – wow. huge release. dark & warm.out of prism my fav so far. full support!
Fabrizio Maurizi – awesome
Matt Star – Wow great release, almost all tracks are very well produced. My favourite is Motion A
Hernan Cattaneo – feelings of emphaty is amazing! motion really good too
Sascha Krohn – cool & deep! full support
Troy Pierce – nice e.p. I really like feelings of empathy and the motion a track.
Jon Gurd – one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while, My favs are Out Of Prism & Motion A, will definitely play these this weekend.
Charles Siegling (Technasia) – out of prism and motion a are for me. thx
Ambivalent – Really nice stuff, I like Out of Prism the most.
Harvey McKay – all really nice
Whebba – feelings of empathy is really nice, will def. play this out!
Heiko Laux – oooh, Out Of Prism is the one for me;)
Edwin Oosterwal – Motion A is the one for me! Thanks!
Sian – splendid productions.
Joseph Capriati – nice one! Support from me.
Thomas Benedix (Pan Pot) – Out Of Prism! Killer
Igor Tchkotoua (pig&dan) – Quality release, lovely dub infused tracks
Orde (Slam) – nice dubbage
Gary Beck – really nice tracks, doubt ill play them out but good shit all the same.
Martin Eyerer – very nice and cool release. My fave is feelings of empathy. Will use for my radioshow!
Coyu – Very very very good old school techno. I like all the tunes. Will test it tomorrow in Berlin.
Onionz – Out Of Prism!!! BEAST!
Martin Collins – 4 Quality tracks!
Hermanez – very good release, thanks!
Jacuzzi Boys – Feelings of Empathy for us. Thx
Motorcitysoul – emotional techno tracks, brilliant stuff!
James Talk – Loving this deep!
Dubfire – download!
John Digweed – download!
Mauro Picotto – download! (RA may 2012 chart)
Mihalis Safras – download!



February 2012:
release on Steadfast records, the label owned and run by NY based producer/ DJ Brendon Moeller

Stage 1 EP – (3 tracks + Brendon Moeller remix)


Some djs raction for the Vinyl release release:

Pär Grindvik – “Neat release form Roberto! Stage 1 is my the pick. Thanks.”
Nick Warren – “Strong release from Robert with a great remix by Brendon. Playing!”
DVS1 – “Stage 1 immediately stands out for me on this package! Thanks.”
Guy J – “Brendon’s remix is the winner here, always great stuff from him! I am a fan! Good luck with the release.”
Orde – (Slam) – “Cool techy grooves on Stage 1 – playing it! Thanx.”
Rolando – “The Brendon Moeller reshape is kool!!! Gonna try it out.”
Dustin Zahn – “Both versions of Stage 1 are sounding pretty nice to me. I will see what I can do with them.”
Vince Watson – “Thresholding definitely my fav on the release…. Nice track! Will test it out!!”
Mauro Picotto – “Stage 1 is a really charismatic track, very nice mixes too, all off them!”
Norman Nodge – “Solid techno all round here. Will play Roberto’s original and Brendon’s remix
Karotte – “Stage 1 is just GREAT!! ”
Paul Brtschitsch – “Yeah nice & groovy deep stuff… perfect for building up the set, Original and Brendon´s remix will be supported by me! thank you guys!!”
Danny Howells – “Killer originals from Roberto!! And Brendon delivers.. as always!”
Alexander Kowalski – “Stage 1 is the big one on this package. Will try it out!”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Cool ep, but Brendon’s Reshape really takes it up a notch…. fullest support of course!”
Arnaud Rebotini – (Blackstrobe) – “Realllllly good release from Roberto! Victory!”
Richie Hawtin – Downloaded!
Samuel L Session – “A very good 12″ this. Been listening to promos the whole day- this is def one of the best ones! Victory the pick!”
Ambivalent – “I really like the Brendon Moeller remix! Gonna play it for sure. I also really like Stage 1. Great release.”
Darko Esser – “FAN-TAS-TIC release!!! Some dub, some acid, great atmospheres all tracks are top notch! Can’t wait to play these out  Thnx!!!”
Desyn Masiello – (SOS) – “Victory and Stage 1 jump out here… subtle and interesting at the same time.. thank you Roberto + Steadfast.”
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Brendon Moeller dub is a grower for me. Gonna live with it..”
Makossa – (Radio FM4 Vienna) – “Solid stuff here. Will spin Stage1.”
Pablo D – ( – “Stage1 for the radio show. Nice and racey techno. Love it!”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Intelligently crafted release with an underlying dancefloor sensitivity – especially feelin’ the deep, vibrant flow of Thresholding!”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “All nice tunes but liking Thresholding!!!”
De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”
Eduard – ( – “Victory is my favourite here! Nice vibes Thanks so much.”
Raphael – (Partysan / Stuttgart) – “Nice one! Will be trying Stage1.” – “Victory is really nice!!”
Tsugi Magazine Germany – “Nice Brendon Moeller dub.”
Philip Sherburne – (Resident Advisor / Beatportal) – “Cool release — I think “Victory” is my fave. Great chords!”
David Y – (Magnetic Magazine) – “Interesting diversity on one 12. Good range of sounds.”
Only For DJ’s Magazine France – “Brendon Moeller reshape is nice!!”

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